Green Products

EnviroStar Green Products from Pioneer Eclipse

Pioneer Eclipse® has set a milestone in green cleaning with the new EnviroStar Green line of FloorCare and Sanitation products. EnviroStar Green products have been formulated in partnership with the US Environmental Protection Agency Design for the Environment (DfE) Program. Each EnviroStar Green product has met all DfE criteria as a result of the breakthrough, environmentally focused formulation that each represents.

Clarke Green Certified Equipment

Clarke® focuses its product development on increasing productivity and reducing labor input. By going green, you can create a healthier and happier environment. Everyone from building occupants to janitorial staff experience fewer incidents of allergies, headaches and nausea in buildings that implement green cleaning practices. Healthier employees translate to increased productivity and profitability for everyone involved. More and more, green cleaning is becoming synonymous with effective and efficient cleaning.

Buckeye GREEN SEAL Certified Products

Buckeye International® was one of the first in the industry to emphasize worker and environmental safety through better products and packaging. Buckeye developed its own patented chemistry just as effective as those containing butyl, yet much safer to work with. Their patented Liquescent® water-based technology not only strengthens the cleaning power of Buckeye products, but also it removes hazardous chemical ingredients, such as butyl, ammonia, solvents, and alcohol bases. They continue to use innovative ideas to make safer products that are more convenient than ever to use.