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Triad Industrial Ultimate Floor Finish

Triad Industrial Ultimate Floor Finish

Product #: 655005P
Manufacturer #: 655005P

is a 25% solids floor finish formulation based on the latest generation of modified acrylic polymers that
provides the ultimate in initial gloss, gloss retention, and
durability. It may be used in low maintenance mop/recoat
programs as well as with high speed burnishing equipment.

  •  Excellent gloss.
  •  Excellent leveling and ease of application.
  •  Excellent detergent resistance.
  •  Reduced sensitivity to ambient application conditions.
  •  Excellent burnish response with no powdering or dusting.
  •  Black heel mark wipe-ability.
  •  Decreased labor cost through less frequent need to buff, burnish and recoat, and a reduction in the number of floor striplings.
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